State Rep. R.D. 'Bobby' Guerra

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House District 41 - Mission
First elected 2012

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  • Career: F
  • 2021: F
  • 2019: F
  • 2017: F
  • 2015: F
  • 2013: F

About State Rep. R.D. 'Bobby' Guerra

Bobby Guerra comes from old South Texas ranching families.  He graduated from Pan American University in 1977 with degrees in Biology and Chemistry; however, he started his career as a television news anchor.  After deciding to start a family with his wife, Leslie, he changed his path and attended Texas Southern University Law School in Houston.  He started out working in local law firms, but then went out on his own and began protecting taxpayers and representing businesses. 


P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
p: (512) 463-0578
10213 North 10th St. Suite B
McAllen, Texas 78504
Phone numbers
956-292-0407 line 1
956-292-0313 line 2 (roll over #)
956-292-0418 Fax

House District District 41

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