State Rep. Gary Gates

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House District 28 - Richmond
First elected 2020

Previous Ratings on the Fiscal Index

  • Career: F
  • 2021: F
  • 2019: N/A

About State Rep. Gary Gates

Gary Gates is a real estate entrepreneur who began his career by renovating and renting homes and apartments. His business began with a single home to one now with 500 employees. Gates was first elected to the Texas House in a January 2020 special election. He and his wife Melissa and their children attend Grace Community Bible Church. 

Committee Assignments

88th Legislative Session
No Assignments


EXT E2.506
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
p: (512) 463-0657

House District District 28

State Rep. Gary Gates's Record

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  • Anti-Taxpayer
  • Absent
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  • Absent, Excused
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  • Not Applicable
    Gary Gates has no votes on record for the selected session.