State Rep. Ken King

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House District 88 - Canadian
First elected 2012

Previous Ratings on the Fiscal Index

  • Career: F
  • 2021: F
  • 2019: F
  • 2017: F
  • 2015: F
  • 2013: F

About State Rep. Ken King

Ken King is a 3rd generation well servicing contractor from Canadian, Texas, where his family's 50 year old energy company, King Well Services, is based.  He spent three years in the Siberian oil fields as a mechanic, before coming back home to run the family business.  He and his wife Robin have two children.

Committee Assignments


EXT E2.808
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
p: (512) 463-0736
PO Box 507
Canadian, TX

House District District 88

State Rep. Ken King's Record

  • Pro-Taxpayer
  • Anti-Taxpayer
  • Absent
  • Speaker
  • Absent, Excused
  • Present, not voting
  • Not Applicable
    Ken King has no votes on record for the selected session.