State Rep. Tom Oliverson

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House District 130 - Cypress
First elected 2016

Previous Ratings on the Fiscal Index

  • Career: F
  • 2021: F
  • 2019: C-
  • 2017: F

About State Rep. Tom Oliverson

Dr. Tom Oliverson is a practicing anesthesiologist and a partner in US Anesthesia Partners, the largest anesthesiology group in Texas. He and his wife Jennifer are active members of Jersey Village Baptist Church and live in Cypress where they home school their three children.

Committee Assignments


EXT E2.408
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
p: (512) 463-0661
11803 Grant Road, Suite 201
Cypress, Texas 77429
p: (281) 257-4984

House District District 130

State Rep. Tom Oliverson's Record

  • Pro-Taxpayer
  • Anti-Taxpayer
  • Absent
  • Speaker
  • Absent, Excused
  • Present, not voting
  • Not Applicable
    Tom Oliverson has no votes on record for the selected session.